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Searching for a job? Don't underestimate the power of a thank you note

You made a great first impression at your job interview. But, how do you leave lasting one, too? A thank you note! This small follow-up gesture can have a big effect on your job candidacy. But, the details can be confusing - when, how long, email, paper, both? I’ve crafted and reviewed hundreds of professional thank you notes and compiled a list of the details that matter most.

Two Powerful Words – Thank You

I have been in the process of buying a used car for my youngest daughter. I finally found one last night and after some quick and fairly painless negotiations with the sales person, we did the deal. We filled out the paperwork, shook hands and I was on my way in less than an hour.

As I was driving away I was a little uneasy. The process went quickly, there wasn't any drama, and I got a good deal. What wasn't right? Then it dawned on me....he never said thank you. I just spent a considerable amount of money with him and he never took the time to say thanks.

Interview Tips for After the Interview: Thank You Note Etiquette

Saying thank you is an important part of the interview process. You are thanking your interviewer for being gracious with their time and considering you for an important role in their organization. Thank you note mistakes can ruin your chances to get that next job. Let’s take a look at some thank you note essentials.
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