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7 Common Resume-Writing Myths and Why You Might Choose to Ignore Them

If you’re job searching, you may be hearing a lot of advice about your resume. The suggestions can be endless, confusing and worst of all - they may even be myths.

The Recruiter’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

One of the more popular New Year’s resolutions is to find a better job, but simply making a resolution won’t accomplish the goal. With positive market conditions, the annual post-holiday uptick in hiring, combined with a commitment to growing your career, 2019 is a great year to turn resolutions into reality. Here are some tips to make it happen.

No You Didn’t!: Six Things You’re Doing That Are Costing You Interviews and Job Offers

We all know about the standard resume issues such as spelling and grammar, that are so egregious your resume gets tossed immediately. This is about things you don't even know you are doing, or not doing, that are costing you opportunities.

Resume Dos and Don'ts [Infographic]

Branding yourself to recruiters and hiring managers who spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding if a phone call is worth it is a tough task. Correct formatting, using the right key words and identifying your achievements are among the top dos for resume writing. See the infographic below for helpful tips and tricks to get your resume seen and read instead of landing in the “no” pile!

Six Resume Mistakes a Recruiter Hates to See You Make

Your resume generally gets about 30 seconds of attention the first time it’s reviewed. You need to take full advantage of that half minute to ensure you move on in the hiring process. Here are six serious mistakes that will get yours quickly tossed into the reject pile.

Software Developers: How To Build Your Valuable Personal Brand

As a software developer, your personal brand is important when looking to move on to your next company. You want hiring managers in the development space to perceive you not only as a competent engineer but also as an innovative thought leader. Making that happen means cultivating a personal brand highlighting your value to potential employers.

Here are the three main areas to focus on when polishing your brand.

Crucial Soft Skills and How to Sell Them during Your Job Interview

If you’ve secured a job interview, odds are your resume shows you have the basic skills to handle the position. But more often than not, people are hired for personality over skill set. As an interviewee, what are those crucial traits and how do you showcase them during your interview? Here are the commonly desired soft skills and proven ways to convey them:

Lying On Your Resume: A Risk Not Worth the Reward

Aside from being unethical, lying on your resume is simply not worth the risk. 

Four common areas where people exaggerate on their resumes are:

Don’t Fall into the Gap – How to Handle Holes in Your Resume

As if the job market weren’t tough enough these days, you have an added challenge: gaps in your resume. While those holes in your experience may make your job search trickier, they aren’t insurmountable. Whether you’re currently unemployed or your resume gap is a blast from the past, you’re not destined to remain jobless forever. Here are some ways to impress prospective employers:

Nine Resume Tips for Impressing Potential Employers

What is the first thing a hiring manager sees when looking for a new candidate? A resume. And what is the first thing that can get a candidate thrown out of the pool of potential job seekers? A resume! These 9 tips can help get your resume to the “Yes” pile every time.


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